Sri Jagadguru

Shree Shree Shree 1008 Jagadguru Prasannarenuka Veera Someshwara Rajadeshikendra Shivacharya Mahaswamiji

Shree Shathasthala Brahma Siddalinga Shivacharya(former name of Rambhapuri Jagadguruji)of Melanagavimath of Shivaganga math was crowned as per the will of former Jagadguru Shree Shree Shree Veera Rudramuni Shivacharya to take over the reigns of the Rambhapuri Peetha after him and be the worthy successor.

So as per the instructions and the commitments of the will the present Jagadguruji came to the throne on the auspicious day of 6th Feb 1992 , Shalivahana Saka 1614 Prajapathi Nama Samavatsara, Magha Shuddha tritiya.

The coronation took place under the gracious presence of the Peethadheeshwaras of Kedar,Kashi,Ujjain and Shrishaila. The crowning ceremony was presided by them. The naming ceremony of the new Jagadguru was done with all pomp and gaiety.

The new name of Shree Shatasthala Brahma  Siddalinga Shivacharya was ceremoniously changed to the current name Shree Shree Shree Jagadguru Prasanna Renuka Veera Someshwar Rajadeshikendra Shivacharya Bhagavatpad Mahasannidangalavar.

Thus started the reign of 121st Jagadguru who was only 36 years of his chronological age.

So since 1992 Feb.6th His Holiness Shree Shree Shree Jagadguru of Rambhapuri is on the wheel of progress keeping in view the allround development of Veerashaiva religion, Peetha and society. He ventured to encounter the hurdles and the stakeholders on the road of growth and success. He declared open the most important Eight Point Program  and made the impossible into possible.

Today his achievements have gone beyond our expectations and imaginations.

He is poised to make giant strides in the new millennium. His untiring effort, the blessings of all the 120 predecessors and the generosity of the devotees have made the Peetha reach the Peak of Glory and Prosperity.

Just like a magnet he has drawn the devotees to the Peetha and has become conspicuous and has attained prominence. It is a matter of gratification that His holiness Shree Shree Shree Rambhapuriji turned over a new leaf.