Publications & Music

Rationale for Institutional Approach

In the ancient era, all the religious principles and practices were taught and spread through Sanskrit language, which is considered as the mother of all Indian languages. However, the common man was not able to access the greatest values proposed in vedic scriptures, books and Dharma Granthas etc. But there is a need to popularize the noble values & holy messages to the common man.

The present Rambhapuri Jagadguruji has got a strong conviction in taking these holy principles to every village and every heart in each village/ town of the Indian society. He always makes a reference to a famous dictum,

“Books and pages may change
but History will not change”

Keeping this logic in mind, he conceived an idea to provide institutional approach for the propagation and popularization of the values and philosophy of Veerashaivism in the common man's language. To achieve this goal, he has been instrumental in establishing a Trust during 1992 in the name of Shree Madveerashaiva Sadbodhana Samsthe at Balehonnur.

Shree Jagadguru has inaugurated the Prasaaranga of Shree Madveerashaiva Sadbodhana Samsthe and Shree Panchaacharya Book Stall at Hubli on 21 st November 2005 , with primary aim to provide focused & professional approach in spreading the publications in North Karnataka .

These Publication Departments of Shree Peetha are doing yeoman service to take the nobler messages of ancient as well as the present Jagadgurus to the ordinary people in various forms – publication of books on variety of subjects, electronic media (Audio Cassettes, CDs, TV) & print media.

Let us take a quick journey into the achievements of these two institutions, which are the brainchild of our beloved Jagadguru.

Publication of Rambhapuri Belagu - A Monthly Magazine

Shree Madveerashaiva Sadbhodana Samsthe has been publishing a monthly magazine called “Rambhapuri Belagu” from Shree Peetha, since 1992. It contains thought provoking and relevant articles by the various authors from the society on variety of topics like religion, culture, literature, art forms, research etc.

One of the greatest and satisfying dimensions of this publication wing is that the magazine is widely accepted by the readers and it is published regularly without delay.

To encourage the sustainability of this publication, Shri Jagadguruji has appealed to the devotees for making generous contributions (details furnished below) and there has been a tremendous response. This amount is utilized as corpus fund, whose interest income is utilized for meeting the publication expenses, thereby running it without any recurring investment.

Subscription details

Sl. No.
Amount (Rs.)
Patrons 10, 000
Co-Patrons 5,000
Donors 2,500
Life Membership 1,200

This Journal has unique distinction of bringing out 33 Special Editions ( 17 of them with exclusive titles /Special Books, as listed below, and 16 as Special issues of Rambhapuri Belagu) on different occasions & these issues are published in the form of Books, which are great treasures of collection, for the readers & devotees.

The titles of the Special Edition Books are given here below:

Sl. No.
Title of Special Edition
Co Spandana (Haveri)
Veera Sankalpa
Dharma Sourabha (Harihar)
Renuka Paranjyothi
Spandana (Hubli)
Dharma Sourabha (Kadur)
Dharma Gangotri
Suvarna Sourabh
Dharma Gangotri Prabhodana (Solhapur)
Belaku Beerid Baduku
Veera Tapoonidhi
Abhinava Renuka
Amruth Sindhu

Books on variety of subjects

Similar to the publication of Rambhapuri Belagu magazine, Shree Madveerashaiva Sadbhodana Samsthe is also striving hard to document the rich heritage of Veerashaiva philosophy and teachings of the Jagadgurus in local language – Kannada. The books, on variety of themes, are printed and circulated at the nominal costs, which are easily accessible to common man and are in a reader-friendly language. This concept of publishing books is becoming more popular, due to their end-utility. In earlier years, such an easy accessibility was not there and that problem has been suitably addressed now.

The List of Books published by Shree Peetha's Publication Department so far, is as follows:


Veeraagama - Shreemadrambhapuri Jagadgurugalavara Shubhashirvada Sandesh

2 Shree Jagadguru Renukacharya Suprabhata
3 Kavanakusumanjali
4 Amrutasindhu
5 Shivapujabhishekavidhana
6 Nindhakaru nitya Sukhadayakaru
7 Mulyatumbida Matugalu
8 Shree Jagaduguru Someshwara Sandesha
9 Shree Jagadguru Rambhapureeshwara Suprabhata
10 Hoodala
11 Sumanjali
12 Varshada Varta Sankalana -1992
13 Varshada Varta Sankalana -1995
14 Guru Geetanjali
15 Shreedevi Astottara
16 Shree Gangadhara Jagadguruglavara Prasada
17 Chikkamannureshana Shiva Bhaktigeetegalu
18 Shree Jagadguru Panchacharya Poojavrutha vidhanam
19 Shree Rambhapuri Jagadguru Veera Gangadhara Suprabhatha Stavana
20 Veerashaiva Balabodhini
21 Somesh Sookthi
22 Varsha Varta sankalana "Sugandha" -1996
23 Sidhantha - Shikhamani - Sangraha
24 Shree Nishchitatma Virachitha Sharabha Charithre
25 Shree Ujjaineesha Virachitha Sidhanth ShiKhamani VyaKhe
26 Kavanjali
27 "Gurukarunya" Sangraha Smarana Samchike
28 Shree Rambhapuri Peetha Dharshana
29 Samskruthika Shree Veerabhadra Swami
30 Rambhapurishwara Prakasha (Kavana Sankalana)
31 Shasanagalli Shree Jagadguru Panchachryaru
32 Rambhapuri Peethadha Shree Jagadguru prampara Charitya
33 Shree Jagadguru Renuka Geethe
34 Rudra Bhadra Dharshanam
35 Shree Rambhapureesh vachana Navaneetha
36 Veerashaiva Dharmadalli Asthavaranagalu
37 Shree Jagadguru Renukacharyaru
38 Shree Rambhapuri Gangadhara Jagadagurugala Dharma Samdesh
39 Sadbodhamrutha Shataka
40 Parama Rahasya
41 Chikkamannureshana Janapada mattu Bhakthi Geetegalu
42 Veerashaiva Bhavya Parampare
43 Veerashaiva Saurabha
44 Abhinava Renuka - Shree Rambhapuri Veera Someshwara Jagadguru Dwadasha Peetharohana Abhinandhana Grantha
45 Abhinava Pashupatha Veerashaiva
46 Veerashaiva Dharma Deepthi
47 Vichara Manasa
48 Shreemadha Rambhapuri Someshwara Jagadgurugalavara Rambapuri Belagu Pathrike 12 varsha dayapalisidha Sandheshagala Sangraha - Jenugudu
49 Shivadvaitha Paribhasha
50 Shivagamagalalli Veerashaiva Dharma Mattu Samskruthi
51 Thripadhigalalli Siddhantha Shikhamani Tatva Dharshana
52 Kulyapakatihasa mathu Upasane
53 Concept of Shiva in Sanskrit - Dramatic Literature
54 Mallige Aralu Suridava
55 Ishtalinga Vaijnanikathe
56 Sidhdhantha Shikhamani
57 Vachanoktige Veerashaiva - Veeda Agamagalige Virodhiye?
58 Shree Rambhapuri Peeta Dharshana (Telugu)
59 Edho Veerashaiva


The publication Dept is also bringing colorful and informative calendars, containing valuable data both on Hindu festivals & general information, for all purposes i.e.,

  • Annual Calendars
  • Hanging Calendars
  • Daily Calendars
  • Pocket Calendars

Audio Cassettes and Compact Discs (CDs)

Keeping in pace with growing expectations of devotees and also the technological changes occurring in the society, Shree Peetha has been bringing out Audio Cassettes and CDs regularly. The professional inputs from various experts and artists are utilized in their production to make them interesting and appealing to general public, without compromising the religio-social essence.

The list of Audio Cassettes and CDs brought out by the Peetha in Kannada (22) and Sanskrit (1) , is appended here below:

Audio Cassettes

Shree Rambhapureeshwara Devotional Songs
Shree Jagadguru Renuka Leelamrutha Drama
Shree Adi Renukaru
Kayo Shree Lingamukha Renuka
Gana nayaka Shree Renuka Namha
Shree Jagadguru Renuka Suprabhatha
Shree Renuka Paranjyothi
Shree Rambhapurishwara Dyaniso
Shree Renuka Namamyaham (Sanskrit)
Shree Dharma Daya Sindhu – Biography of Shree Rambhapuri Veera Gangadhara Jagadguruji – A Drama
Shree Veerabhadraswami – Devotional Songs
Mahatapaswi Ujjaini Siddalinga Jagadguru – Devotional Songs
Dharege Bandha Shree Revanasiddha
Rambhapurishwar- Sharanu, Sharanu
Adhi Renuka Bandha
Shree Rambhapuri Peethadha Charitre
Gurugana Taranga
Karunasagara Renuka Guruvara
Shree Revana Siddheshwara Vijayotsava
Dharmajyothi Renuka
Gananayaka Shree Renuka

Compact Discs (CDs)

Bhakti Geetanjali
Nama Dyana

Future plans for the Publication Division

One of the ambitious goals of Shree Madveerashaiva Sadbhodana Samsthe is to document the entire gamut of vast Indian culture, literature and the heritage /values in the following areas:

  • Philosophy / Teachings of Veerashaivism and Jagadgurus of Pancha Peethas,
  • Socially relevant issues to youth, women and the folks in rural areas,
  • Cultural Heritage of India,
  • Relationship between Science & Religion,
  • Comparative studies on Eastern and Western Philosophy / Way of living
  • Human values, etc.